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Paint sprayer or a roller for a newbie?

I've never painted anything before. I have some exterior wood siding walls and trim to paint. I do have an air compressor already and I'm trying to decide if it's easier for a newbie to use one of those paint sprayers that attaches to an air compressor or if I should do it the old fashioned way with a roller. The sprayers cost less than $100 and I'm willing to buy one if it will be a lot easier. What would you guys suggest is the easiest way for a newbie?

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Posted 2012-11-25T04:52:52+0000  by Gary-Letona Gary-Letona

Hi Gary.  Thanks for joining the community.


As with every decision there are pros and cons. Using a sprayer like you described will make the painting experience a little easier as far as application goes.  But consider the amount of siding that has to painted and remember that the little cup will have to filled a lot of times during the painting process. The sprayer also will be loud and heavy at first and will take some getting used to.


The "old fashion" way of brushing is labor intensive and may take a little longer, but the satisfaction of doing it all yourself is well worth the effort.  If you have never painted before - I recommend you go this way so you can get a feel for how paint acts and gain a perspective.

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Either way will be way less than paying someone else to paint it for you.

Posted 2012-11-25T17:18:05+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Both tools are very useful so consider the size of the area you are painting. Using a paint roller will require the use of a paint brush for corners whereas a paint sprayer delivers a spray that can be used accurately on corners and other small areas.

Paint sprayers are not so easy to use and also after finishing the task, if they are not properly taken care off would lead to jamming of sprayers and you may not be able to use them again. However rolls can be purchased again. As I could see that the area you need to paint is literally very meager, so I would suggest you to go for roller than for spray. 

Posted 2012-12-06T11:53:58+0000  by belmanliving
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