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Paint thinning

I just bought a paint sprayer and air compressor, and was wondering how to thin the paint for a fence(wooden) job

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Posted 2013-04-22T15:18:52+0000  by beerguy beerguy




All paints can be thinned somewhat  for spraying. In general, water based paints state 8 ounces per gallon. Oil paints are generally about twice that. You are well advised to follow the instructions on the can!


First a word of caution: siphon cup air sprayers do not lend themselves well to heavy bodied paints. Heavy bodied paints are better applied with airless spray equipment. They are powerful enough to spray the heavy liquids without thinning. They will also not create so much overspray as does an air powered unit.


Air powered units are better suited for lighter bodied paints such as lacquers and oil paints which allow for a much lighter viscosity. These units are usuall used for fine, furniture like finishes.


If a siplon cup spray unit is used with heavy paints, it will produce a splatter  spray, rather than the fine mist desired.


For your fence staining , you might actually be better off with a garden type of pressurized sprayer. These are fairly inexpensive - about $20. They too will produce a somewhat course spray, but a quick "back-brushing" will smooth out the finish. The garden type sprayer,which is found in the paint department at Home Depot, is much faster than brushing only.  Quite frankly, I have always been of the opinion that back brushing is far superior than spraying alone. Back brushing forces the stain down intothe grain of the wood, rather than merely sitting on the surface.


Of course, you can also get ahold of a true airless type sprayer. This will be several times faster than the other methods. Airless units spray stain faster and with less overspray than the air powered siphon cup units.


Hope this has been of assistance

Posted 2013-04-22T16:51:19+0000  by ordjen
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