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Paint trim before or after refinishing the wood floors?

We have removed the shoe molding and will have to install new ones along with painting the trim already on the wall. Should we do all this before or after our floors are getting sanded and stained?
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Posted 2013-05-16T03:38:01+0000  by JessBenoit JessBenoit

Hello JessBenoit!


Absolutely paint after the floors are refinished.


Typically refinishing floors is a messy process and you're likely to get both stain and poly on the lower edge of your wall and/or trim.


So, get the floors done, paint the trim still attached to the wall, paint the new molding before installing, and then install.


Expect to touch-up the staple holes in the new trim.

Posted 2013-05-16T13:09:41+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

What the paint man leaving the trim off you'll make the job a lot easier for your flooring guy and eliminate any potential damage to the trim.


I found that I get better results any time I can paint in a "comfortable" position.  Put your trim up on saw horses and paint.  Once you've installed it, fill any nail holes, caulk, and touch up the paint.

Posted 2013-05-16T13:28:44+0000  by Adam444

Thank you Pat!

Posted 2013-05-16T17:33:16+0000  by JessBenoit
Thank you Adam!
Posted 2013-05-16T17:33:34+0000  by JessBenoit


During my years of paint contracting, I always preffered to pant an area after the floors were completely finished.

As Pat stated, floor finishing is a messy operation: sanding dust gets over everything, stain and varnish get splattered onto the walls, the wall takes an occasional nick from the sanding machine, etc.


With the popularity of hardwood floors in later years, I started carrying red rosin paper in my truck at all times. It only takes a few minutes to completely cover and protect that new floor. Then you don't have to worry about dust, paint splatters and scuffing of the new floor.


I agree with Pat,  the more trim you finish before it goes down, the better. If you have the trim primed and painted the first coat before it is tacked down, it only needs to be caulked and "faced off" afterwards.

Posted 2013-05-17T05:43:56+0000  by ordjen
Thank you. You have all changed my mind to wait :)
Posted 2013-05-17T12:02:42+0000  by JessBenoit
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