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My walls throughout my house are not insulated. However, my kitchen & dinning room suffers the most from cooking. After 6months of a fresh new paint job, they begin to sweat and leave dark brownish lines coming down my wall. I've tried kilts paint as a primer and that did not work. Same thing begin to happen after 6 months or so. Can you please help me keep this ugly look of my walls. What should I so??
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Posted 2013-04-24T13:56:18+0000  by Franinchrg Franinchrg




You have identified the problem: your walls are not insulated and the moisture in your house is condensing on the cold walls. Short of insulating the walls ( the ultimate solution) anything that can be done to lower the humidity in those areas will be helpful. Do your kitchen , baths and laundry have a good exhaust vents?  I suggest you buy a humidity meter. They are quite inexpensive and will give you a reading as to how much humidity is in the air. Readings over 40% are excessive and will begin to cause problems on cold walls.


Anything that keeps the air moving in those areas will help keep the moisture from condensing. A ceiling fan left running will help, or a simple box fan blowing on those walls. Such condensation was a problem for me during my paint contracting days in Chicago in Winter;. Paintning with latex paint temorarily raises the humidity and can cause the walls to start dripping. I would carry a box fan in my work truck tocounter such condensation.


As to the streaking: oil paints with some sheen  are much more resistive to this type streaking than acrylic/latex paints. Oil paints are much more resistive to moisture than acrylics. You can repaint the walls with an oil paint right over the latex.


But as stated, the real problem is your lack of insulation. Until that problem is fixed, you are only treating the symptoms. You are also paying for this lack in your heating and insulation bills.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-04-24T16:03:57+0000  by ordjen
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