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I want to repaint some metal cabinets using rustoleum. Any tips on how to deal with the odor or is there another type of paint I can use?

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Posted 2013-09-23T12:02:51+0000  by Zw_iCK--4 Zw_iCK--4

Good Morning,

and YES!!! there is another option. Use the Behr Exterior Ultra Premium Plus. I would suggest either the Satin Sheen or the Semi-gloss sheen. If you use the Semi-Gloss, please be sure to spend the money on a really good brush and roller. This product is meant to go directly onto metal, and will have a great adhesion, along with a waterproof finish and is much easier to clean up with very little odor. Good luck...and let me know how you like it!


Posted 2013-09-23T14:16:30+0000  by dinksmama

I would beg to differ with Dinksmama's post. Acrylic paints are not the best choice for cabinetry. They have a gummy and sticky paint film which becomes more so when it is humid. Oil paints form a harder, non-sticky film. Further, the exterior version of acrylic paints are even less suitable for interior surfaces, as they are formulated to be even more elastic than interior paints, in order to deal with the extreme temperatures and humidity found outside.


Personally, I would use the oil paint regardless of the odor. The odor will dissipate withhin several hours. It is a good excuse to go out for dinner that night. :)  Helpful hint: don't turn on any gas appliances while painting with oil paint as the flame interacts with oil fumes to make an even more objectionable smell!


Oil paints level themselves better and form a hard, non-sticky surface. Their slower setting time makes them actually easier to work with. When using water based paints, it is imperitive to work quickly and diliberately before the paint sets up. this can be a matter of only a couple minutes.


Another possible alternative is one of the newer water based alkyd enamels. These are an attempt to combine the best attributes of both oil and water based paints - fast drying, low odor and better leveling. Not all Home Depot stores carry this Behr product, however, they are available on the HD website.

Posted 2013-09-23T16:41:15+0000  by ordjen
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