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What is the best way to put a light color over a dark color in the fewest coats?

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Posted 2014-01-08T00:09:22+0000  by RemodelRich RemodelRich




The most important critteria for how well a primer or paint covers, is the amount of white pigment in it.


All Behr paints are now self-priming. If you chose a color that is mixed from Ultra Pure White ( UPW) almost any color can be covered in two coats or less. Behr marks its color cards with a "U" right behind the color name to denote that it is mixed from UPW. Colors that are somewhat dulled with Raw Umber. Red Oxide, Brown Oxide or Lamp Black, the socalled "organic" colorants, will enjoy very good coverage. Colors that have none of these organic colorants will suffer less covering  ability.  Don't expect a pastel pink or yellow to cover as well as a tan or gray!.


Of course, a primer may be tinted toward a desired finish color, but barring special needs, it is just simpler and often more economical to just go around twice with the Behr paint itself.


There are many factors which can affect how well a paint covers, and in truth, no one can know exactly how well a paint will cover until the paint hits the wall. This is one of great advantages to buying a Behr tester jar. Not only do you get to audition a large sample on your wall, but you get to test  whether the desired color will cover in one coat, two, or possibly more. You will possibly save having bought several gallons of a color only to find it is going to need excessive coats.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2014-01-08T02:36:39+0000  by ordjen
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