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Painting Exterior house side to protect from garden sprinklers

I have a house side wall that is exposed to sprinklers and would like to know if paint this wall to protect it when the water hits the wall. This occurs in different parts of the walls, around the house.

I am interested to know if you have some kind of paint to to use to seal the wall from damp when the water hit the side. 

your help is well appreciated.

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Posted 2015-07-20T17:53:15+0000  by tarek tarek
Quality acrylic exterior paints, such as Behr Ultra and Marquee give excellent protection against the water itself. However, most water supplies contain dissolved minerals such as calcium and iron. Given time, they will cause a mineral build-up on the painted walls that will be very difficult to remove.. You would be best advised to have your irrigation installer redirect the water hitting the house.
Posted 2015-07-21T01:13:46+0000  by ordjen
Hey tarek,

I agree with Ordjen ... change the sprinkler heads to eliminate coverage that sprays onto your home.

Click the link to see full-coverage, 1/2 coverage, and 1/4 coverage heads.

You local Plumbing Associate can show you the tips which make these patterns.

This simple adjustment will eliminate the problem and might even make your water bill go down slightly.
Posted 2015-07-21T13:46:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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