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Painting Inside a Closet?

Hello, I am repainting my whole house a uniform color in one of the Ultra whites, which has a tint of beige/ivory in it.  My bedroom closets seems to have the contractor white in them.  Do people paint their closets?  I am used to the contractor white in my homes and have seen it in others, but was unsure if it's a desired thing to do now and/or if it helps or not when selling a home.  Thanks!

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Posted 2013-05-09T23:40:09+0000  by kcollins kcollins




Closets are certainly painted now and then. Like other areas, they are subject to airborne dirt and scuffing by items put in the closets. Closets on exterior walls tend to get dirtier because they are colder.


Many people like to keep closets white, as opposed to the room color, because it negates the neccessity of having to paint the closet just because the room color was changed.


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Posted 2013-05-10T05:54:57+0000  by ordjen

I think most people leave their closets alone, unless it's a closet that is a walk-in or a room closet, then they would be decorated.  I personally would not paint my closet a color since they are hard to paint and would need updating with each new color the room changes to over time.  Since you are choosing a color from the white family, it would be ok to use the same paint for the closet and it would be ok to leave alone as is.  You also may want to pick and choose which closets to paint based on scuff marks inside, size, room importance (is this a master bedroom).  Again, I personally would not choose a vibrant closet color, especially when it comes to open houses in selling for down the road.  Just my two cents.  Good luck with the remodel.

Posted 2013-05-13T02:33:52+0000  by beth00

One reason for not painting a closet any color other than white (especially for smaller closets) is that darker colors would require higher wattage light bulbs for the best visibility of the closet's contents. 

Posted 2013-09-09T05:52:12+0000  by lorriehb
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