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Painting Laminate Countertops



What type of paint do I need to paint over my laminate counter-tops and what finish do I need?  I don't want to use a "Kit".


Thank you!

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Posted 2013-05-14T03:07:34+0000  by south47th south47th

Hello South47th!


Eliminating the kit from your selection leaves just one product specifically intended to paint laminate countertops:


Rust-Oleum Specialty Countertop coating.


This product requires lightly sanding shiny surfaces using 220-grit sandpaper.


Wipe off the sanding dust and use the ultra-smooth foam roller to apply coating.


This product can be tinted into sixteen colors ... shown on the box top.


Xylene is the solvent in this product, so plan to ventilate your room very well.


One quart of this product is designed to coat approximately 25-linear feet of standard-size countertop.

Posted 2013-05-14T14:21:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you Pat!



Posted 2013-06-04T02:41:40+0000  by south47th
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