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Painting Metal Cabinets that have Lead based paint on them

I live in an old house that has metal cabinets that are in great shape and I want to repaint them. However, they are painted with a lead based paint. I'd rather not have to strip them, but If i have to I will. So what you advise?





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Posted 2013-03-17T12:10:37+0000  by dmazzari10 dmazzari10

Hi Danielle:smileyvery-happy:


Lead paint is most dangerous when is becomes broken down (peeling and flaking) and you run the risk of a child or pet ingesting it.  Another situation that runs the risk of exposure is by sanding the surface of lead based paint and creating fine dust particles.  As long as these two scenarios aren't present you may be able to go ahead with repainting the cabinets.


Here are the steps:


  1. Prepare the surface by cleaning with a degrease - like 409.
  2. Prime the surface with an oil based primer (Kilz or Coverstain) or an alcohol based primer (BIN).
  3. Paint the primed surface with an oil paint or a high quality latex product like BEHR ULTRA to a satin, semi-gloss, or Gloss finish.
  4. Add new knobs to the finished project and your done.

*drilling may cause lead based dust.

Posted 2013-03-17T15:35:20+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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