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Painting Prep Workshop



Filling a Winter Day with a Paint Workshop


Saturday brings DIY’ers to The Home Depot, West Roxbury, Ma store in constant streams.


The paint desk was a hive of activity; the paint mixing machine didn’t stop humming all day long. Customers came into the store seeking a fresh color for their walls to brighten their long, dark, winter days.  The gorgeous paint chips were being selected; sample size, quarts, and gallons of paint were being mixed…..nothing changes a room like a fresh coat of paint!



Prep is the most important step when it comes to painting: taping, filling holes and creating a smooth, clean painting surface will make the finish flawless.


Richard, a paint desk expert, conducted a paint prep workshop; he highlighted a few great practices to ensure a professional outcome when painting an interior room.


Customers were excited to hear about “Flex and Fill”, a premium spackling paste. Once you have cleanly defined your hole to fill, the paste is applied it takes only 30 minutes to dry and be sanded, the filler requires no primer and can then be painted, all within an hour of application!


Stop by your local Home Depot; fill your winter hours with knowledge and improvements! Check-out our Saturday workshop schedule:


Fill some holes, fill some time, bring some questions, bring some friends, stop by The Home Depot, we are here to help!    




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