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Painting Reflective Paint on Flat, Rubber Torch Down Roof

My Wife and I bought our home a year ago and it has an 11 year old flat roof, which according to the invoice of the work done is Rubberized Torchdown material that had a non-fibered aluminum roof coating applied over it. 

That coating has worn off and we're considering re-coating it ourselves. The online research I've down says to sweep, power wash, then apply the reflective paint.

My two questions: 1. Any issues with power washing a rubberized torchdown roof or would you recommend another way of cleaning it? 2. What is the best paint type to use on a rubberized torchdown flat roof? It's a unique type of roof so I haven't found much information on the right coating to use, but the roof otherwise looks to be in good condition so hoping to get another 3-5 years out of it.
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Posted 2018-07-19T15:36:36+0000  by JakeS JakeS

Hello JakeS and welcome to the Community.


I would like start by discussing the three types of flat roofing material. 

First, there is a rubberized roofing material that the seams are glued together, other wised known as EPDM.  This surface is usually black and is not coated.


Second, is TPO, which is a new vinyl product and the seams are heat welded together.  It is usually white to start with.


Third, Most common, is Modified Bitumen which is an asphalt base Tri- Ply roll roofing which you start with a #75 base sheet material.  After the base, you have two options for the top sheet.

-Either APP plastic Modified Asphalt sheets that are torched down.  It is more heat resistant and available in Smooth black or with a granular white or black topping.

-The other top sheet is a SBS rubberized modified asphalt sheet that is installed using a cold or hot asphalt adhesive.  This more malleable and available in white or black.

Click on the video box that is beside the photo of the each product for more details.

 I am not sure which roof type you have but I am guessing you have either the APP or the SBS modified asphalt roofing.  If this is so, you could use the Henry HE555Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating.  For metal, smooth or mineral surface roll roofing, SBS and APP modified roofing, and evaporative coolers.




Click on any or the orange words for a link to more information about each product.

Here is a LINK  preparations instructions to get the roof ready to coat.  Surface must be clean, dry, and in good repair. Remove rust by wire brushing. Sweep or hose down area to remove all dust, dirt, and residues. Scrub areas where water ponds with detergent and water, and rinse well. Allow to dry thoroughly.  I would suggest using a leaf blower to help remove the dust.  Be care with a power washer washer.  Use a low pressure tip, so you do not damage the surface.


Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2018-07-19T19:36:59+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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