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Painting RustOleum Epoxy Acrylic over a satin latex paint

I just moved into this house and the previous renters painted the laminate counter tops with a satin latex paint. Since I have moved in I have had a massive nightmare with this kitchen!

I went into the Home Depot today and asked the paint department member how I can paint over the paint. I didn't not mentioned the kind of paint it was. He lead me to the countertop paint by rustoleum and said all I had to do it sand the paint on the countertops with 220 grit and paint the rustoleum over it.

My neighbor said that latex is a water base paint and an epoxy acrylic will just burn the latex off and it will not work......


Could you let me know what my situation is and the best, most durable way to correct this nightmare? I do not want to do the paint thinner and strip it all off since I have a lot of counter space, but I want this fixed.


Thank you in advance!!

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Posted 2012-12-29T01:24:05+0000  by Nikole Nikole




I would be highly leery of putting the RustOleum product over the acrylic paint on your counter tops. The RustOleum is a solvent based product which dries to a hard, brittle surface. The acrylic paint is soft and elastic. I would certainly at least first test it in an out of the way corner of the counters. Prior to that, I would give the RustOleum Custome Service a call at 1-800-481-4785 to get their opinion.


In any event, a paint is only as well adhered as the paint upon which it is placed. If the acrylic is not stuck, the RustOleum will also not be stuck to the counters. Indeed, the dryng of the RustOleum might actually pull off the paint upon which it is placed if that paint is not stuck.


My first choice would be to try to remove the acrylic paint. Acrylics are not well suited to hot humid environs. You might try putting a piece of terry cloth on the counter and pouring hot water on the cloth to hopefully soften and break the bond of the acrylic paint. Let it sit for a couple minutes and then see if you can scrape it loose.


Of course, there are solvent based strippers which would remove the ac rylic, but it sounds like you are not interested in such efforts. I don't blame you for that!


Hope this has been of some help.

Posted 2012-12-29T06:52:10+0000  by ordjen

Hello Nikole!


Thanks for joining us on The Community!


I took time to contact Rust-Oleum on your behalf.


Should you wish to follow-up with them, their number is 800-553-8444; press extension 4 to discuss products details.




Rust-Oleum has two countertop products:


1) Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating - an oil-based coating; and


2) Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformation - a water-based bond coat which is topped with a two-part epoxy clear coat.


In either case, the latex paint on your existing counter will have to be removed with a stripping agent.


Use an afterwash to neutralize the stripping agent, then use a fresh water rinse and allow the surface to dry.


Follow the instructions on your Rust-Oleum package to begin recoating your countertops.


NOTE: While these steps may not be what you had hoped, they are precisely what Rust-Oleum recommends to have success with either of their countertop products.

Posted 2013-01-03T21:02:48+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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