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Painting Stripes

Need some tips to painting vertical stripes on textured wall

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Posted 2011-09-04T21:34:24+0000  by dixiefethkenher dixiefethkenher

Doesn't sound like much fun. How much texture are we talking about? Knock-down, orange peel, sand? If its the latter two, then just use something like 3M's Delicate Surfaces Blue Painter's tape with Edge-Lock. It's the blue tape with the orange on the label, also check to see if the roll of tape has the word Advanced or Edge-Lock on it. Sometimes you can still find an older roll of Delicate Surface Blue Painter's Tape without Edge-Lock floating around.


Be sure to really get the edge thats getting that particular color pressed down well. Sometimes the tape will actually look like its changing color when you get all the air out from the edge and the adhesive is well secured. When you are ready to paint, immediately run your wet brush over that edge to activate the chemical process to form the edge barrier. Continue painting. Remove the tape before the paint starts to skim over. Let's call it damp, but not wet or skinned over. if you happen to wait too long, all is not lost, simply use a single edge razor blade and cut the paint film at the very edge of the tape. Typically, it's easier to start with the lighter color, then stripe your darker color.


You can find hints such as using painter's caulk to seal the edge of the tape, repainting the first color over the edge of the tape then following with the second color after the first is dried and removing the tape while the second color is still wet, using glaze to seal the edge of the tape, etc... all of these methods were developed before the likes of Edge-Lock or Frog Tape.


The only gotcha using Frog Tape instead of 3M's Edge-Lock, you have to make sure you get Frog Tape's new delicate surface tape. The standard Frog Tape over a fresh paint job will pull up that fresh paint job. Think of Frog Tape as regular blue painter's tape with Edge-Lock.

Posted 2011-09-04T23:12:10+0000  by Paul

Hi Dixie!


I'm PatInPaint and I help customers create stripes and choose tape everyday in the Paint Department.


In several recent posts, I discussed Frog Tape as well 3M Delicate Tape w/ Edge-Lock.


Both are outstanding products and the links above should help you choose.


Use a level and a pencil to mark your lines ... THE KEY is to tape, leaving the pencil mark exposed inside the area where paint will be applied.


When you paint, you will cover the lines and prevent having to eliminate the pencil marks later.


The WOW Factor you get from stripes is impressive.


Here is an example.


I hope this helps!



Posted 2011-09-06T18:36:21+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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