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Painting a Back Splash?

I am getting ready to paint the Back Splash of the kitchen in my new Apt. The backsplash is the same material as the counter top, which a sort of laminet from what i can tell. Am i able to just paint over it or is there special instructions that i should follow? i am not able to take it down or build anything over top of it. Painting is my only option here :-)

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Posted 2011-07-13T23:11:26+0000  by mprry0519 mprry0519

Good Day MPRRY!


You solution is as simple as a walk down the spray paint aisle at the Store.


No, you're not going to use spray paint.


Just beyond the spray cans you will find specialty paints that include Rustoleum's Countertop Coating.




The instructions are quite simple; clean, allow to dry, roll with a dense foam roller ... take time to read and follow them.


The product can be tinted, at the Paint Pit, into the colors shown on the box top.


My customers love this simple way to change laminate surfaces.


SAFETY NOTE: The solvent in this product includes xylene, which gives off a strong odor ... ventilate the room before you begin.

Posted 2011-07-14T12:12:17+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

that seems like a really great option! But what if i have a very specific color in mind that the product cannot be tinted too? my fear is that the paint will just peal off like latex! But i really want to paint it this particular color of green that Bher Paint has?

Posted 2011-07-15T15:10:42+0000  by mprry0519

All right MPrry, we'll take another approach.


Clean the surface using a mild detergent in warm water and allow to air dry.


Buff sand the entire surface using a 220-grit sandpaper ... buff sanding simply breaks the gloss to promote adhesion.


Remove all of the sanding dust and use Zinsser Cover Stain to prime the surface.


This product is labeled, "Sticks to all surfaces without sanding. Dries quickly (in about an hour). Use any topcoat."


Before you begin, have your Paint Associate tint the primer to be similar to your new color.


I would consider painting with Behr's new oil-based semi-gloss (if available in your market). This product will provide a durable barrier to water and other items that might stain your surface.




If not available, your primer will accept any topcoat ... including Behr's water-based paints.


I know your project will make your kitchen a special place to entertain guest, so show us your handy-work by posting a photo when you're done.


NOTE: Zinsser says "sticks without sanding," and I say "buff sand." Not intended to confuse, but the quality of the finish on your backsplash will improved by adding this step. Buff sanding ensures your surface adheres well and lasts a long time. Do the extra prep ... even though you don't have to.

Posted 2011-07-19T13:37:54+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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