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Painting a Deck

How do I prep and paint a deck that has been painted 6 months ago, but the paint is cracked and peeling in some areas?  We are new to this house and we don't know what was used on it.

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Posted 2013-04-23T19:18:42+0000  by carf carf

Hello Carf!


Typically, a deck is either stained or painted.


Paint tends to flake off, while stain tends to wear off but not flake.


If your deck surface shows flaking (which sounds correct), you most likely have a painted surface.


Use a paint scraper to remove the flake. Tough areas can be sanded, in the direction of the wood grain, to smooth the broken edges where flake was removed.


Once satisfied with the surface condition, use a Deck Armor Deck Cleaner and scrub brush to remove mildew and prepare the surface for priming. Rinse with the garden hose and allow the surface to dry about six-hours.


Deck primer is a unique product ... not every primer is suitable for walking surfaces.

Behr recommends Exterior Primer #436 for walking surfaces.


Have your Paint Associate tint your primer to be similar to your paint color.


Prime the exposed wood and any other areas that show significant wear.


Allow the primer to dry about two-hours.


Then paint with Behr Porch and Floor paint ... low-lustre is my personal recommendation. While there are gloss versions of floor paint, they tend to be slippery when wet.



Glidden also has Porch and Floor paint, however their product is recommended for covered porches ... not full-sun decks.

Posted 2013-04-23T19:44:34+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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