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Painting a Spinning Wheel

I have a spinning wheel and I would like paint the actual wheel itself which is made of MDF.  

My general plan for this project is to sand and prime the MDF wheel, paint over it in whatever color I decide that is acrylic based, then paint or gold leaf a stenciled design on top of the paint.  Once I'm satisfied with the designs and paint itself, I would like to seal it to ensure its absolute protection with polyurethane. 

I would like to know what products would best suit my needs and cooperate well with each other as there would be many steps to this project (ex: I don't want the polyurethane seal to dull the color of the paint once its dried).  

I do plan on occasionally using the spinning wheel outside when the weather is nice so the products need to be durable for travel and outside use.

If you need pictures or any other information let me know!

Thank you in advance!
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Posted 2018-04-12T16:08:10+0000  by CraftyKiwi CraftyKiwi