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Painting in home while pregnant?

Hello, I want to paint bedrooms in my house with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint in Eggshell Sheen (in one of the whites). Is it safe to use this paint in the house while pregnant? If not, how long is it toxic in the air? I read the MSDS online as well as the Product Detail tab on the Behr website / warning section. It states the product contains ethylene glycol and I was also wondering along with my earlier question if the amount of this substance poses any harm to pregnancy - and if so, how long is it toxic in the house? I don't want to use the Behr Premium Plus since the smell made me sick in a family member's house and this was prior to pregnancy. Thank you for your assistance.

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Posted 2013-05-10T09:01:24+0000  by elizabeth11 elizabeth11

first and foremost, congratulations on the addition to your family.


I was 7.5 months along when we purchased our home 1 1/2 yrs ago. Our home not only needed lots of painting, we first had to remove 12 layers of wallpaper before we could paint.


I did this myself, including the painting. I kept all the windows open, our ceiling fans on, (helped with the slight smell from the paint.) I did wear a mask, this one in fact,  This mask helps keep vapors and certain particles out of your mouth and lungs during projects.


I experienced no problems, other than sore arms, and my son was born without scales or any other abnormalty :)


Good luck~

Posted 2013-05-12T02:01:40+0000  by 19katherynb

I would still caution exposing yourself to anything that might have voc's present. At our online store we carry a very good "zero" VOC paint called YOLO.




It can be mixed in a color and sent directly to your home or store - ready to use.


Here is a video introduction:


Posted 2013-05-12T17:32:40+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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