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Painting interior concrete block

I plan on painting my interior garage walls which are made of concrete block.


I have painted them once already, about 10 years ago, but now i'd like to repaint them, white, instead of medium blue, which is their present color.  They are in good shape: dusty, perhaps, but no flaking paint, etc.  Figured all I'd need to do would be to brush them thoroughly with a broom before painting.


I also plan to paint the ceiling while I am at it.  All told, close to about 500 Sq. Ft. of surface.


I believe I have chosen the correct paint:  Glidden, semi-gloss, latex white, interior.  I find using a brush vice a roller allows me to work the paint into the "pores" of the concrete. I know, it takes more time, but that's OK.


I confess to not being the handiest guy in the world and I don't often tackle do-it-yourself projects so, essentially, what I am looking for here is constructive criticism.  


If you see _anything_ glaringly wrong with my choice/plans or have _any_ suggestions to offer, that would be really helpful.





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Posted 2013-05-04T15:30:42+0000  by CH1938 CH1938




I would encourage you to use the roller in conjunction with your brush.The roller will get a nice even coat of paint up on the blocks rapidly where you can then use the brush to force the paint into the texture and the mortar grooves.


There also heavy bodied block filler paints available which will aid in filling that texture which is common to cement block.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-05-04T23:21:47+0000  by ordjen

Thanks very much for that tip; I will do as you suggest and use both.  I seem to recall that's what I did last time I painted it, but forgot until your suggesting it jogged my memory.


One piece of advice I remember from my dad, who was forever puttering around painting something or other, was never to skimp on good brushes (no rollers back then).  Buy a good boar bristle brush, clean it, store it properly. and it'll last forever and be a much easier brush to work with than some cheap Chinese import.


Althogh I know in this case that a boar bristle brush would not be approppriate.  Also, my wife reminded me that Consumer Reports recently gave very strong ratings to Behr interior latex paints, so I'll probably go with Behr vice Glidden.


Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.

Posted 2013-05-05T14:41:44+0000  by CH1938

Well, took a tumble off my bike and had to put the paint job on hold due to a shoulder injury.  


Have started again and, despite the fact that the concrete block wall was painted once, blue, about ten years ago, I am amazed at how much paint the block soaks up.  


Using Behr Ultra Pure White 2050 premium plus interior egshell enamel, after one coat, I could still see the blue beneath and so I added a second coat.  I went through that first gallon _very_ quickly and was stunned at how long it took me.  


i'm back asking if there isn't some Behr base coat that I could use that might go on easier, spread better, and seep into those tiny "holes" in the concrete block, before I use the above-mentioned paint for the final coat.


Thanks again for any tips.

Posted 2013-06-01T12:15:44+0000  by CH1938


As stated in my earlier post, there are "block filler" paints which will permanently fill those pores of the block. This paint would probably have to be special ordered. However, this is very heavy bodied paint and not the easiest to spread either. Because it is heavy bodied, a gallon does not go very far. Were I you, I would just continue on as you are doing.


You might consider using one of the tinted down whites. They will give you a much better chance at blocking out that blue, but still look white.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-06-01T16:08:40+0000  by ordjen

Went to Home Depot today and checked to see if there was an answer to my post of this a.m., but not yet.


Described my situation to the guy manning the paint desk and he suggested that I try the Zinsser Primecoat 2, so I walked away with a gallon on that.


Here's hoping.

Posted 2013-06-01T16:26:48+0000  by CH1938
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