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Painting metal entry door, on the inside

I want to paint my entry door so that the inside looks like wood.  I thought  there was a roller that was available and you would use two diff shades of paint.  Does anyone know where (or if they are still available) I can get this and if there might be "how too's" along with it.  Thanks

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Posted 2013-07-01T17:12:02+0000  by Aurora1955 Aurora1955

It's actually a painting technique that requires a special applicator called a Graining Tool.


 Linzer Wood Graining Kit        wood grain.jpg



The process is:

  1. Apply a base coat of satin or semi-gloss finish (light brown).
  2. Apply a coat of dark glazing coat (in sections) over the dry paint.
  3. Gently pull the graining tool over the surface of the wet glazing while rocking it back & forward. 

faux grain.JPG

Practicing will help you get familiar with the technique and perfect the graining.

Posted 2013-07-01T18:38:56+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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