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Painting my small bathroom

first I would like to give my bathroom a color or colors that will make the bathroom appear larger. And any ideas about how to cover my bathroom window which sits directly over my bath tub..not interested in removing but want to eliminate as much moisture on the window area as possible.


second looking at putting in a new floor as well and looking at putting in the vinyl tiles. any tips would be welcomed!




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Posted 2013-02-03T16:42:49+0000  by fwilliams fwilliams

The dilemma you are faced with about keeping the excessive moisture off the window is a difficult one to solve.  Because of the location - it's susceptible to the rising steam from the hot water.  Any fabric will most likely contract mildew and any kind of blind will either quickly rust or malfunction as a result of the humidity. 





One "out of the box" thought would be to mimic the shower curtain that protects the tub (if there is one) by recreating a mini shower curtain in front of the window (made out of the same material and design).


..Just a thought. 

Posted 2013-02-04T19:14:35+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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