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Painting novice

I would like to paint my enclosed front porch. Should I use interior or exterior paint?

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Posted 2013-05-24T14:36:41+0000  by LadyJ LadyJ




I generally treat enclosed porches, 3 season rooms and garage interiors as interiors. They are protected from much of the harsh elements that truely exterior surfaces are, i.e. direct sun , rain, and dramatic sudden temperature changes.


It would not hurt if you used exterior paints, but interior paints generally dry to a harder finish with less of a "gummy" feeling when touched. Exterior paints are formulated to be more elastomeric to handle these exterior harsh elements.


Hope this has helped.


Posted 2013-05-24T16:26:55+0000  by ordjen

If the enclosed front porch gets direct sun I would recommend exterior paint. If it  doesn't and isn't susceptible to temperature changes than an interior paint is fine.

Posted 2013-05-26T21:22:40+0000  by sully9er

Hello LadyJ!


Just for clarification, exterior paints are made to be more flexible (elastomeric as Ordjen notes).


This flexibility accounts for the paints exposure to broad temperature variations (winter and summer conditions as Sully notes).


Exterior paints also contain ultraviolet light inhibitors (UV) which prevent the paint from breaking down due to sun exposure.


Interior paints do not generally expand with temperature change or withstand UV light. Sun fade is common when interior paints are exposed to direct sunlight.


So, if your porch is heated and cooled, interior paint makes sense.


However, if your porch is not heated or cooled, and is exposed to direct sunlight then exterior paint makes sense.

Posted 2013-05-28T13:58:18+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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