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Painting old wood dresser with zebra stripe pattern

Will I need to prime the dresser before painting? It has been completely sanded down and is ready to be painted. The dresser will be white with black zebra stripes and the drawers will be hot pink.

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Posted 2011-04-27T04:09:49+0000  by PrisC PrisC

Welcome to our community PrisC!


My name is Christine and I work in the paint department at The Home Depot in Atlanta. I love your style! I'm excited about your dresser, would you mind posting pictures once you are done? 


Since this is a piece that is going to be used quite often, using a primer will prevent your paint from chipping away. Primer will ensure maximum adhesion of your top coat to the dresser.    


If you don't prime bare wood, the paint will soak into the wood and the last thing you want to do is waste paint.   


You also may want to consider using an oil based primer. It will make your top coat last longer. Since oil based dries harder, it will be more durable than latex based. Not to worry, you can still use latex based paint on top of the oil based primer. :smileyhappy:


If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask. 


Happy Painting, 


Posted 2011-04-27T12:58:28+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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