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Painting over Wallpaper

I have an older house with wallpaper.  No one alive sez it is easy to remove and one estimate is simply to sheetrock over it and start a-new.


Does Home Depot texture paint work for this and how much do I have to dull the sheen to make it work?



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Posted 2013-06-23T17:14:05+0000  by bonner83856 bonner83856

I feel your pain:smileyfrustrated:


Adding a lot of something to the surface of wallpaper like a texture paint will cause the paper to fall, sag or blister. 


There are a few steps involved with getting the papered walls ready for paint:


  1. Gently peal any loose tabs of paper until they are no longer raised or visible.
  2. Prime the whole surface of the wallpaper with an oil based primer and let it dry overnight.
  3. Lightly sand the primed surface.
  4. Patch any uneven surfaces like seams, pits, and nail pops with drywall patching compound.
  5. Sand to smooth when dry.
  6. Prime once again with oil based primer.
  7. Paint with your desired color and sheen.


This works every time without fault - and will last through many years of use.


Posted 2013-06-23T18:07:29+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thank you very much.  Lotso work but will save a lot of money.

Posted 2013-06-23T19:11:51+0000  by bonner83856
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