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Painting over cement board

I am currently remodeling my bathroom. In the process I am now at the point of hanging the cement board.

The ceiling to this bathroom is about 8 feet above the shower and so I was first of all going to hang cement board ,since I have plenty. Then it occured to me that it might be difficult to get a nice smoot look over cement board.

So here I have several questions? 

1. Pain over cement board? I heard sugested to get a cement primer? will that cover the tape and thinset ?

Is there a brand name for this primer?

2. then paint it  with what kind of paint? I was thinking of a high gloss *water or oil based* ?

3. Sealant? What kind is there a brand product?

4. Or should I just save the cement board for the other bathroom I need to redo and just use green board?

5. If I use green board I still will need to follow the same steps?


Thank you for your help,



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Posted 2011-09-20T06:06:35+0000  by soive2000 soive2000

Hello soive2000,


Welcome back to the community.


I would have to say save the cement board for the next bathroom. It would take far too much work and you still might not get a nice smooth wall. Use the cement board for the shower and then use the green board for the remainder of the walls and ceiling.


Once you get the green board installed you will still have to prime and seal it before you paint it.


The most common paint sheen for a bathroom is either Satin of Simi-gloss. I prefer using Behr Premium Ultra Plus paint since it resists mildew growth. This is a great benefit to have in a wet location like a bathroom.


Here are a few pointers from our own Ask Mr Jay about oil vs. water base paint. 


  • Oil Primer is generally thought to be more durable for high moisture areas such as the bathroom. Oil also has a very strong odor, so be aware of that if you ever do use it and be sure to keep the windows open. Be sure to check that this primer is able to have latex applied over it, as it's getting harder to find oil-based paints these days.
  • Water (or Latex) based doesn't have that same odor and will work just fine in bathrooms as well since most drywall in areas like that are "greenboard," meaning they are treated for moisture. It's easiest to apply over this, since water/latex works best with the new latex based paints. This is what I would recommend going with.


Be sure to get either a Satin or Semi-Gloss finish, as those are the most recommended for high-moisture areas.


I hope that this has given you all of the information that you needed to keep moving forward on your bathroom renovation.


Please let me know if you have any other question. I would love to help.


Post some pictures of your newly renovated bathroom. I’m sure it will give other members the motivation to do their own renovations.:smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2011-09-21T21:36:04+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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