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Painting over decorative brick

I have decorative brick in our basement and would like ideas on how to paint it.  It is 60's vintage, reddish in color.  Any suggestions or ideas?

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Posted 2012-12-24T01:54:45+0000  by lnasc lnasc


Hi Inasc,


A couple of questions first.


Are the brick and mortar in good condition? Any repairs should be performed prior to painting, and any florescence should be cleaned away with an acid cleaner the brick washed and allowed to dry before painting.


Are there any moisture issues in the basement? If water infiltration is a problem, the brick should be painted with a waterproofing paint.


If the brick are clean and in good condition, then apply paint such as Behr Masonry Waterproofer. This paint /sealer can be tinted to any color. You may need more than one coat.


You will need a brush and a roller, the brush to apply the paint to the mortar and the roller for the actual brick.


Once the waterproofer has dried, you can apply additional coats of paint to finish to suit.


Let us know how the project turns out.






Posted 2012-12-24T18:14:20+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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