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Painting over existing sponge paint

Hello I am not a very experienced painter but I wanted to repaint mine and my daughters room. My room was sponge painted with a somewhat dark pink and I want to repaint the room a off white beige color. As for my daughters room, she inherited a room which had a custom paint job of random characters.. ( a hand painted TRex, turtle, sports icons..etc.) all though I feel bad painting over someone hard artwork which looks's not great for a 4 year old girl. So for each of these projects I have the same there. Special technique or paint that I should be using for this project? I don't want to go through the hassle of painting and it not cover these dark images due to the light color I'm using to cover them with. I need some expert advice!!! Hope to hear from you soon thanks!
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Posted 2012-12-23T03:35:30+0000  by Tbarry Tbarry




A color mixed from a quality, full bodied white paint such as Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White will cover just about any other color in two complete  coats. The biggest factor assuring coverage is the amount of white pigment in the paint. Each gallon of Behr UPW has over 4 pounds of titanium dioxide, the main white pigment used in premium paints.


Both Behr Premium Plus Ultra and regular Premium Plus are self priming. This means that you may use the paint in place of a dedicated primer. Rather than using a primer and then paint, you can just simply go around twice with the paint itself to facilitate a dramatic color change or hide existing designs or figures painted on the wall.


Where there are extreme color edges, such as black figures on a light background, you might consider spot priming the dark areas with a thin light coat of Premium Plus paint. After dry, continue on with the full coats.


Hope this is helpful

Posted 2012-12-23T06:53:08+0000  by ordjen
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