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Painting over exterior stained wood beams.

I'm painting over my stained beams on the exterior of my log home. I plan to use a Behr paint but need to know if priming is necessary. The original stain was Sickens and has since faded but the wood is in good condition. Should I sand and stain before painting ?

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Posted 2013-07-29T20:43:13+0000  by Edsheilah Edsheilah

It's a great day in the Paint Department Edsheilah!


What a great project ... decision: whether to stain or paint.


This process is relatively simple:


1) Use Behr Solid Color Stain (the premium product is rated 25-years on siding); or

2) Use Behr Ultra or Behr Marquee (both exterior paints).


Each of these products is self-priming and will last a very long time.


Stain is a penetrating sealer that absorbs into the wood, caring both color and weatherproofing.


Paints, on the other hand, are surface coatings that adhere to wood (and other surfaces) creating a protective film.



Since your beams were stained in the past, the most important test for product selection will be whether the wood absorbs water.


Simply take a cup of fresh water out where the beams are located and spritz or splash a small amount of water onto the surface.


If the water beads up, the old stain is still repelling moisture and will prevent stain from penetrating into the wood. This will eliminate stain as an option, unless you wish to sand the entire surface all the way down to the wood.


In this case, choose your color and have your Paint Associate mix either Behr Ultra Exterior or Behr Marquee (currently only available as an exterior paint).


Both products are self-priming, are mildew resistant, can be applied down to 35 degree Fahrenheit, and are water clean-up.


If the water absorbs, stain will be an excellent choice. Behr Premium Solid Color Stain is self-priming, can be applied down to 40 degree Fahrenheit, creates a mildew resistant, and is water clean-up.


If your beams are mostly freestanding, you might choose to spray any of these products.


If your beams are adjacent to other parts of your home (windows, walls, etc.) you might choose to either brush or roll.

Posted 2013-07-30T13:15:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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