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Painting over multiple layers of paint

Hello Home Depot!


My daughter and I recently relocated and are renting an apartment. We have never done anything on our own with regards to painting or renovations. We like our apartment but unfortunately it has been painted & repainted over and over again.


In the kitchen, there are cabinets we'd like to paint over. As I previously mentioned, the multiple layers of paint have coated them to the point where you can't even see how to detach them from the hinges.  How can we paint over these cabinets without causing yet another coat of paint and making it more difficult to close the cabinets?


Please help. We have no idea where to begin or how to do handle this. Thank you!

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Posted 2011-06-17T15:37:26+0000  by MayeFranco MayeFranco

Hello Mayefranco

welcome to the community and congratulations on the new apartment. My name is TC and I work in the paint department for The Home Depot in Southern California.  Most of the apartments I have ever lived in have had multiple layers of paint on all the cabinetry. It is much easier than stripping old layers then repainting. There is no real way to repaint without adding yet another layer. You can however perform a one or two layer strip either by doing light sanding or using one of several gel or liquid stripping products available. In your case I would recommend using a mild or medium strength stripper such as Citristrip.
















 Citristrip is a citrus based stripping agent safe for indoor use its biodegradable and has far less fumes than some of the more toxic products. The product is very easy to use and clean up. You can even leave the doors on the cabinets if you wish. Make sure. As with all products of this nature to wear gloves and eye protection. To start. Remove all door and cabinet hardware. Second. Cover the counters with a layer of butcher paper or red rosin paper it is inevitable that you will have an occasional drip.


 You can also use newspaper if you like. Next pour some of the stripper into a container. I find a roller pan works well. Using a 2 inch brush work the material on to the area you wish stripped. You can apply to the entire set of cabinets if you like. But I have found doing a section at a time works much better. Depending on how many layers you need to remove will determine how long to leave the product on the surface. After the material has been on the surface the required amount of time take a 2 inch putty knife.  I use plastic because there is less chance of gouging the wood. After you have removed all that you can. Clean the cabinets with a good cleaner such as Simple Green.  Allow the surface to dry. Apply a coat of a primer such as Zinsser Cover stain. This will give you an excellent base for you final paint coat. I would suggest a satin or semi-gloss paint for your cabinets. It makes keeping them clean much easier.

    Thank you for the question. If we can be of any more help, Please letus know.



Posted 2011-06-17T17:35:47+0000  by TC_ArtDog
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