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Painting over stain

Have rough-sawed cedar around my sun room windows, and have to stain the trim about every other year. Is it possible to just sand it smooth, prime it, and put a good quality exterior paint over it?

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Posted 2013-05-05T17:33:19+0000  by bagger bagger

Welcome to our community Bagger!


My name is Christine and I work in the paint department at Home Depot.


Is the stain on your trim oil or latex based? Knowing this will dictate how you should approach painting your trim.


If it is oil based, you will need to prime with an exterior oil- based primer. Then, you can paint with whichever exterior paint you would prefer.


If it is latex based, you can do one of two things. One option would be to prime the surface with exterior latex based primer and then paint. Another option would be to use an exterior paint and primer in one. At Home Depot we have two available, Behr Ultra and Behr Marquee


Behr Ultra gives excellent coverage and wonderful protection against the elements.  


Behr Marquee is a new product that has just started appearing in stores and is the upgraded version of Behr Ultra. This paint provides even better fade and dirt resistance. If the area that you are painting is in direct sun, you may want to consider using Marquee.


I hope this helps you with your project! Please let us know if we can help with anything else.


Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-05-06T13:35:45+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Behr paint is what I was considering. Consumer Report, this month, ranks Behr number one. The stain is latex, so you've answered my question precisely. Thank you

Posted 2013-05-06T19:51:34+0000  by bagger
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