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Painting steps

I pulled up my stained carpeting and painted my steps. They look great but I have a 3ft x 3rd. Square landing that is covered in pressed particleboard similar to What are my options? Can I cover it in laminate planks and then paint that to match my steps? I should point out that I have hardwoods below and above the staircase but didn't want to try and match the steps b.c I dont care for the color of the hardwoods. Thanks!
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Posted 2011-11-10T13:50:06+0000  by Hostlerk Hostlerk

Hello Hostlerk!


My decision about resurfacing before painting would be based upon matching the natural height transition of the steps surrounding the landing. In other words, I would use a material that will create a smooth appearance and also make the step up or down "feel" natural ... not "feel" unusually higher or lower than the preceding step on the stairs.


I'm certain you can find a suitable finished surface to use in this application. If I were to seek advice on materials, I would start with your local Flooring Associate and also ask you Building Materials Associate for local options.


As for the paint, once you secure your new surface to the landing, I would suggest a flooring primer.


I use the words, flooring primer, because only a few primers are actually suitable for walking surfaces.


Behr produces two; one water-based and one oil-based.



As you will note, the oil-based primer is rated Interior/Exterior ... making it your natural selection.


Personally, I always choose oil-based primer over wood. It saturates the surface and seals wood very well.


Although it is overkill, I would apply two coats of primer before I applied my water-based Behr Porch and Floor Paint.


Porch and Floor comes in almost any color, so matching your existing steps should be no problem.


It also comes in a low-luster and a high-gloss.


On your stairs and landing, I would encourage you to select the low-luster.


The high-gloss might actually be a bit slippery on those stairs.


If you would be so kind to share your results with The Community, we would all love to learn how you resolve your landing.



Posted 2011-11-10T14:18:28+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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