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Painting the inside of a home


We are going to paint the entire interior of our house. My issue is that the walls are all very dark colors. This is a 3 bed 2 bath house. My questions are what brand of primer do you think is best and how much do you think I'll need?

Thanks, Confused painter :)

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Posted 2012-11-02T16:36:08+0000  by Cmitchell Cmitchell




Without knowing the square footage of  wall and ceiling space in your house, it is impossible to give you a definitive answer as to how much paint is neccessary. However, you may use 300 feet per gallon as a ball park figure for how much area a gallon of paint and primer will cover.


The ceiling area is the easiest , as most people know the floor area of their home. Thus you merely divide the floor area by 300, at least in traditional style homes where the floor area and ceilng area are the same.


As to each individual room, you need to measure the perimeter of the room times the height of the walls to arrive at the wall area. Unless there are very large areas of windows and doors, you just ignore their area.


As to which type of paint and/or primer: Behrs Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra are self priming. Gliddens DUO is also self priming. This means that under normal cercumstances, no primer is neccessary. If a significant color change is to be made, a second coat of the paint itself may be neccessary. Using a self priming paint can actually give better coverage than a primer/paint combination.  You will be using the same color as both primer and paint. Also, lighter colors mixed from a full bodied "white base" paint will often surpass a primer and paint combination, this because of the amount of white pigment used in the paint. The amount of white pigment increases the coverability of paint.


Hope this has been of help.

Posted 2012-11-02T17:28:35+0000  by ordjen
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