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Painting very high LR cathedral ceiling over an open staircase

We are repainting our living room and would really appreciate some advice for painting the highest part of the cathedral ceiling in the living room. One side is reachable with a step ladder but the other side is also the wall of an open stair case. So, this is a little more than two stories high with the highest point being directly in the middle of that open staircase. I can't think of a safe way to approach this. There is an "L" shaped railing around the staircase that meets the wall.  The length of the opening in front of the wall is about 12ft long by about 3ft wide. I checked HD rental and interior scaffolding is 30" x 5ft so that would not be long enough to provide a platform for a ladder. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Posted 2013-01-03T21:21:41+0000  by Trina-IN Trina-IN



As the old saying goes, " a picture is worth a thousand words". I can't quite visualize the layout. Suffice it to say, you will need some professional equipment. This might also be an instance where it is better to bite the bullet and hire professionals to paint the area.


Another old saying is "pennywise and pound foolish". How much will it cost you if you fall from considerable height and get seriously injured?


I once commissioned a welding company to weld a custom made  roof ladder I  had designed. The welder asked me if I knew how much this was going to cost ( several hundred dollars). I replied, "do you know how much it will cost me if I fall from that roof ! "

Posted 2013-01-04T06:23:54+0000  by ordjen

Thank you "ordjen" for your advice. I agree that it's not worth risking injury and we didn't. Our saying is, "where there's a will, there's a way" and we "willed it"! I'll go ahead and throw in the "work smarter, not harder" saying as well. ha ha. We used a couple of long poles, steady hands and fat blue tape and never left ground level. We got it done and were quite impressed with ourselves considering we are very amateur DIY'ers.

Posted 2013-01-11T19:30:16+0000  by Trina-IN
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