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Painting vinyl lattice

I built a 2' x 8' trellis using PT lattice that I planned to mount on exterior brick wall to hide the intake and exhaust of my new boiler. However, the weight is an issue. I'm thinking about creating one from vunyl lattace. However, I do not want white.  Can I paint the white vinl lattace black? Will it last?



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Posted 2012-05-15T21:21:18+0000  by Warren Warren




There are other colors than white availabe in plastic lattice. However, to answer your question: yes, lattice can be painted with a good 100% acrylic (latex) exterior housepaint such as Behr's . An acrylic paint will bond directly to PVC plastic without a primer.

Posted 2012-05-16T05:30:36+0000  by ordjen
ordjen -
Thanks for the response. I realize there are other colors but white seems to be the most prevelent. I will painting it black, so maybe I'll start with a gray if I can find the pieces (2' X 8' lattice and trim) I need.
Posted 2012-05-16T14:10:37+0000  by Warren




One thought I should have mentioned in my post: you must be careful when painting plastics darker than the original color. Plastic has a high co-efficient of expansion - they expand a lot when heated. A dark color, black being the worst, will cause it to expand. This is not neccessarily bad if you do not restrict its ability to expand. However you fasten it, allow for it to move. If fastened with screws, drill the holes much bigger than the screw diameter. If you build a frame to hold it, allow for about a half inch of travel.


If you have ever seen a piece of PVC siding, you will notice that the nailing slots are about an inch in length. The nail is to be put in the middle of that slot and the nail not pounded down tightly. This is to allow the siding piece to expand. If it does not. the siding will buckle outward.

Posted 2012-05-16T15:03:59+0000  by ordjen
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