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Painting vinyl shutters

We're wanting to add some curb appeal to the front of our house. We have white vinyl shutters next to our windows and are wanting to paint them black. I've seen a few sites say not to paint light to dark. Any opinions or suggestions?

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Posted 2011-09-09T00:49:46+0000  by LeslieJ LeslieJ

Hey there c_starr,


Thanks for the question and welcome to the community!~


ordjen is correct on his advice to you, in that it doesn't sound like your color choice is much concern . If you were planning on going from your slate blue to a black or a darker blue, then perhaps we may advise otherwise...but from the sounds of it and as long as it truly is a lighter tone, then they should turn out just great!~ = )


Be sure to post up pictures of how they come out if you can, we'd love to see them!

Posted 2012-05-10T13:45:09+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thanks for the great information on this board!  I have a question about painting my vinyl shutters and I'm afraid I might already know the answer but want to double check.  My vinyl shutters are currently a faded teal color. We've only been in the house for 2 years so I honestly don't know how dark the shutters were originally.  Ideally I'd like to paint them black (and paint the front door red).  It sounds like this may be a problem because of the heat?


If I can't paint them, what type of shutters would you recommend that we replace them with to ensure long-lasting color (assuming we get them in black)? 


For reference, here's a link to the house blog that currently has pictures of the front of the house and the shutters:


Thanks for any advice/suggestions you can provide!



Posted 2012-07-11T12:52:24+0000  by tadajulia




As long as you do not go darker than the original finish, you should have no problem. Darker colors absorb more heat. Black is the worst because, by definition , black is the absorbtion of all the colors of the spectrum.

Posted 2012-07-11T19:05:22+0000  by ordjen

We are updating the front of our 1945 colonial home. We are in the process of putting a front porch onto the home to give it some character. I have black shutters on the home now and would really like to paint them a nice deep blue.

What paint should I use and is blue over black ok?603407_10152012044210268_627622323_n.jpg

Posted 2012-08-20T01:33:53+0000  by mommytotwins



Dark blue over black would be fine. Either the Behr Premium Plus or Behr Premium Plus Ultra would work fine on your plastic shutters. Both are 100% acrylic paints which adhere well directly to plastic.


Ironically, dark bright colors do not always cover well. If you choose a Behr color that has a little dagger symbol behind the name on the color card, you might have to two coat the shutters for complete coverage. Those colors without the dagger will probably be fine in one coat.


As always, clean the surface and give it a scuff sanding  if the surface is somewhat shiny.

Posted 2012-08-21T00:00:01+0000  by ordjen


I am also wanting to update my home's curb the current time, we have a darker forest green door and vinyl shutters around the window.  We are wanting to go to a more maroon color...more specificly "painted leather".  Do you see that being a problem since the shutters are already a darker green color?

Posted 2012-10-16T13:28:17+0000  by DTopping



You should have no problem with your anticipated color change.

Posted 2012-10-17T02:18:18+0000  by ordjen

Hello!  My husband and I are buying our first house!  And the neighborhood has very similiar houses, all with burgundy shutters.  I'd really like to paint them white.  After reading down through all of the questions, I didn't see where anyone went from dark to white.  Would this cause a problem?  If not, what's the recommended paint/spray paint to cover well?



Posted 2013-03-22T19:35:52+0000  by katbro77




Going to a lighter color does not present a problem from heat absorbtion. However, such a strong color change will probably require two coats for good coverage.


Hope this has helped


Posted 2013-03-22T20:39:35+0000  by ordjen

I have dark blue vinyl shutters that have faded and I am wanting to repaint with a more saturated blue, not much difference in the shade of the original color. I used Behr Marquee on my front door (painted vinyl clad wood door), and I painted 1 shutter. I noticed that I can easily peel the paint off the shutter, especially on the smoother sections, but even the textured areas can have the paint scratched off.


The shutters were thouroughly cleaned. Is there anything else we can do to get better adhesion?  I'm planning on taking the shutters down (16 in total) and painting them with a paint sprayer. Should I sand them or prime them beforehand?

Posted 2013-08-23T17:16:26+0000  by indy
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