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Can you paint vinyl siding?
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Posted 2013-05-19T16:25:07+0000  by susieq757 susieq757

By your chopped up question, I'm going to guess that you want to know if you can paint vinyl siding.  Contact a professional paint store.  I know PPG makes a product, I don't know what Home Depot offers. I don't know if Sherwin Williams offers anything.   I am going to guess it would be a multistep process.  1, clean thoroughly. 2, prime. 3, finish paint.   The problem is going to be expansion/contraction.  Vinyl expands/contracts a great deal between sun/shade temp extremes and your finish paint will need to do the same or it will crack, even if it doesn't peel.

Posted 2013-05-19T16:34:03+0000  by spockmckoy



There are a couple important considerations before moving ahead:


First the surface needs to be prepared - by cleaning with a mildew killing detergent solution like JOMAX (preferably with a pressure washer).



Using a premium grade self priming paint that is designed to adhere to extreme surfaces like vinyl and aluminum siding will ensure maximum adhesion.  The new BEHR MARQUEE and the BEHR ULTRA are two products that are designed for maximum performance in extreme exterior situations.


BEHR MARQUEE 1-gal. #QE-29 Light Oak Semi-Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint         BEHR Premium Plus Ultra 1-Gal. #UL180-9 Prairie House Satin Enamel Exterior Paint



Posted 2013-05-19T16:51:11+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL


There is one other very important concern when painting vinyl siding - NEVER paint it darker than what the original color was. Why? Vinyl siding is made of PVC plastic which greatly expands when heated. If you choose a dark color, the plastic is in danger of absorbing too much of the sun's heat and expanding too much then warping out from the house.


If you have ever seen a piece of siding, you will notice that the nails are placed in about inch long slots. The nail is then put in the middle of the slot and not firmly fastened down. This allows the siding to expand at least 1/2 inch before it binds up against the end of the slot. If it does bind up, it will dastically warp out away from the house!


You may have noticed that you have never seen a really dark color of vinyl siding. This is why!  Aluminum siding, which is not so sensitive to heat expansion, does come in darker colors.


Just a word to the wise!

Posted 2013-05-19T19:11:28+0000  by ordjen

Very wise indeed Ordjen:smileywink:



Posted 2013-05-19T19:32:00+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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