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Painting wicker patio chairs

I need to paint 6 wicker dining chairs for outdoor use. (On lanai in Florida).  I will be using a Wagner paint sprayer. Help with advice on type of paint, primer and ( and possibly a spar clear urethane, if needed).  I want to give the chairs as much protection from weather, mildew, and durability as possible. 
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Posted 2016-04-04T19:51:36+0000  by Dianel Dianel
You will need to remove all the flaking paint then lightly sand the rough edges to blend and also rough up the surface for better paint adhesion. make sure you apply two coats of oil based wood primer and after the primer dries, apply two light coats of oil-based paint.
Posted 2016-04-06T05:25:59+0000  by ACBrawn
Hi Dianel,

As ACBraun recommends, use 220-grit sandpaper to buff sand any flake off of your chairs.

Vacuum the sanding dust and prime with Zinsser Cover Stain tinted to be similar to your new color.

Allow primer to dry for an hour and apply Behr Oil-based Semi-Gloss in your color of choice.

Allow six-hours between coats ... expect two coats to cover.

This oil-based paint is very durable and does not require a clear coat.

However, you may add Spar Urethane for additional protection.

Lightly sand with 220-grit painted surfaces and remove sanding dust.

Apply urethane and allow each coat to dry for six-hours.

Two coats of spar urethane will make a long-lasting finish.

Hope this helps!

Pat InPaint

Posted 2016-04-06T14:00:39+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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