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Painting wooden basement stairs, best way & best product

I would like to paint my wooden basement steps. I would love some ideas on the best way to do this logistically and the best type of paint to use. I would also like to paint the walls around the steps, which are plaster, in the same color and would I be able to use the same paint? Thank you for any help. Samantha

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Posted 2012-08-28T19:22:07+0000  by sadolbeck sadolbeck




For durability on the stairs, you will want a Porch And Floor paint. They are available as either oil or acrylic water based. They are available as either a lower satin  sheen or a higher gloss. The higher glosses are usually oil based.


These tough floor finishes can certainly be used as a wall finish, although, a dedicated wall paint could be mixed to the same color. If bare wood or plaster is exposed, or if very glossy surfaces are to be painted, do consider a suitable primer.


If there is no alternative exit from the basement, every other stairtread can be painted as you work your way downstairs. This will allow you to exit the basement carefully on the unpainted treads while the wet  treads dry. Finally, paint the unpainted stairtreads and exit once again on the dry treads.


Hope this is of assistance.

Posted 2012-08-29T03:41:24+0000  by ordjen
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