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Pallet Table Project

I was sent this message. Unfortunately, I have been without power the last couple of days after a thunderstorm rolled through the area, so it's a bit late. Brian was having a difficult time posting a new thread, so I'm starting it for him.


He writes: 


 I am a novice DIYer, and this weekend will be building a patio table

(this one:

I have broken down the pallets and am ready to build.

My question pertains to the paint. The wood I have is very light colored, and I would like it to be a darker tone before I go over it with the dilluted white latex paint (so the underlying wood color shows through, as in the picture). Would it be possible to use a water based stain on the wood and then, once the stain dried, to use latex paint on top of the stained wood? Or would the stain cause the paint to not take and easily chip?

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Posted 2012-07-01T12:52:57+0000  by Paul Paul

Thanks Paul!   We all hope you're power comes back soon - boy is it hot!


Hi Brian - we are glad you joined the community. 


To post a new thread:  just head to a subject on the main page (i.e. Paint, Hardware...) and click on a topic that your question falls within.  You will see a highlighted "New Message" box at the upper left hand corner. Then just click and post away.


As far as your concerns about the darker wood beneath...It would be fine to go ahead and stain with the water based stain before adding the white overtones. But I would recommend lightly sealing the dry stain with polyurethane before attempting the white.  The diluted white paint will act like a stain and soak into the wood and it would very difficult to remove without affecting the darker stain.



Hope this helps.  paiintpro.JPG

Posted 2012-07-01T14:31:22+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

If the use of the table is outside, as in the picture, would he be able to use an exterior solid stain first and then a white semi transparent stain or white wash over the solid color? I'm just thinking urethane and UV don't play nicely together. Down in South Florida, you're lucky if you get more than 9 months out of Helmsman outside in full sun.


I know 25% Floetrol can be added to exterior paint to make it similar to a tinted glaze you'd find inside. Would he be able to do that with something like Behr's exterior stain products for his top/accent coat? 

Posted 2012-07-01T15:10:48+0000  by Paul

Hey Paul!


Thanks for posting BWeisenberger's project.


Apparently, the same project was posted to several Community Member Email addresses ... because I received the message as well.


I answered by Email and posted detailed instructions on white washing. Click the link to read that post.

Posted 2012-07-17T15:53:41+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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