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Pansy: The Tough Flower of Spring

Spring in Boston, will it really ever get here?

It feels endless..... the wait for a few consistent days of above 40* degree days.

The pansies are  streaming into the Home Depots throughout the Northeast, their beautiful blooms and happy faces look a bit cold, but never the less they are being brave solider flowers and are marching in.

Pansies are tough and hardy they can withstand a frost as long as they have been watered well before the frost sets in. Pansies will bounce back after frost it may take a few days, but they will raise their happy faces up again once the temps have risen a bit.

I had the pleasure of visiting a regional greenhouse; Cromwell Growers, in Cromwell, Connecticut, where spring is shining through the glass of the acres and acres of greenhouses.

The crops of pansies are waiting to be loaded and shipped to Home Depots throughout the northeast.

Pansy flowers are beautiful and some have amazing fragrances, pansies are the welcoming flower of the spring season, just look at these happy faces!

Sometimes, the smallest bloom has the biggest impact, Johnny Jump-Ups: their faces are tiny, but their blooms are plentiful and extremely hardy.....come on spring, come on!!

Stop by your local Home Depot for a breath of spring,      Maureen 

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Posted 2015-04-09T18:46:39+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS