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Parks Super Glaze

I am currently working on a bathroom vanity with the stone spray paint and attempted to cover it with Parks Super Glaze. We created a damn with masking tape along the edges.  Is there another recommendation for keeping the epoxy from running off the edge?  If tape is the route to go, at what point do you remove the tape.  The project did not work as we had originally had hoped, but it is sooo close.  We will try again with what we had learned the first time.  The spray paint did not adhere and we had created a cardboard template to cover the hole for the sink.
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Posted 2018-05-29T04:11:05+0000  by Jrjensen44 Jrjensen44

Hello Jrjensen44 and welcome to the Community.

Here is a link to the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for Parks Glaze.

Before pouring: Elevate area to be coated and protect surface sides and edges with several layers of masking tape. This will allow drips to be removed with tape once cured. Drips may also be scraped off with a putty knife about 30-40 minutes after pouring, or they may be sanded from completely cured surface.

Ideal application temperature is 70°F. At this temperature, finish will be dry to the touch in 8 hours, and

fully cured in 72 hours. Warmer temperatures will increase curing times.

This is a Rust-oleum product.  If you would like to contact them directly click HERE for contact link.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Posted 2018-05-29T16:02:51+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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