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Parts for a Soap Cutter

I am building a soap cutter, which consists of a wooden frame with guitar or picture hanging wire strung accross it at regular intervals. In the end it will look and work somewhat like an egg slicer.


I need some kind of fastener, like guitar tuning knobs that I can use to secure the wire to the frame in such a way that I can tighten the wire from time to time. Some kind of wing screw with a hole through it would be ideal. What would you recommend?



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Posted 2010-11-22T20:45:44+0000  by Mike5403 Mike5403


Hey Mike,

Welcome to the community. I like the project you are working on, that is one useful tool to have in the house. In my opinion the best type of fastener to use to hold that wire would be an eye lag screw for suspended ceiling. In our stores we carry two different types of eye lag screws; for steel stud application and wood joist application. In addition we also carry a driver bit attachment that makes driving these screws easy and you will probably find handy in future to tighten a wire from time to time. See attached pictures and good luck with your project.


Eye lag scres - steel studs.jpegEye lag screw-wood joists.jpegdriver bit.jpeg


Posted 2010-11-22T21:55:48+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Good morning Mike, I'm the Hammer and I've got another option for you. About a month ago, I helped a guy at my store in Atlanta with what he thought was an unusual request, he was trying to build a banjo. I'm a musician and know what the head of a banjo looks like and immediately knew what to show him. He was using various hardwoods for the neck, and needed to be able to tune the strings (I think on a banjo there called "strangs" though). What I showed him were insert nuts and wing screws. The insert nuts screw into the wood with a allen wrench, and accept a 1/4 x 20 wing nut.

First you will need to drill a hole for the insert nut, it will tell you what size on the package,  insert the insert nut, screw in the wing screw, and voila, instant tuning nut / soap cutter. You'll need to use a jam nut to lock the screw in place, and also wrap the wire on itself so that it doesn't slip; if you've ever tuned a guitar, you'll know what I mean, or you could have a friend with a guitar show you.

With a little effort you might be able to find a wing screw with a hole in it, or possibly drill one yourself so that it looks just like a tuning nut.

I'll include some pictures below as a reference point.


I won't even mention some of the "weirder" requests because this is a family show.


Hope this helps...and welcome aboard

Ray the Hammer


insert nuts.jpg insert nuts                 wing screws.jpg wing screws










Posted 2010-11-24T13:21:22+0000  by TheHammer

Hello Mike5403,


Your project reminds me of a cheese cutting device. Here is a picture that is similar to the one I made only that it had 3/4" thick  Rock Maple. Using the small dowel rod with the wire attached to it you eliminate the need to keep tightening a screw over time, and the wire is easily replaceable, and so is the wood.





Post pictures of your final project in use, we'd love to see at work!





Posted 2010-11-29T21:51:09+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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