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Patch between asphalt driveway and cement floor

It's low 30's during the day and low 20's at night.  The mice are moving in by walking under the garage door at  the spots where the cement garage floor is broken away or the asphalt has come undone,  Should I wait until warmer days are back to repair?  Or is there a hybrid product I can use to temporally seal where the garage door settles on the asphalt/cement?

All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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Posted 2016-12-27T21:44:12+0000  by Hound Hound
Greetings Hound,

You definitely want to stop those mice from getting in, and becoming comfortable in your garage asap!

You will need to do a bit of prep work: create an even, clean margin of the cracks, and holes, and then once filled (follow manufactures direction), tamp the fill down, and you can place a piece of plywood over the filled area, and then drive a vehicle back and forth over the plywood surface.

This patch is made for quick fixes, just stop by your local Home Depot and pick up a bag, one bag will cover about 7 square feet.

Stop those mice, and the cold air from seeping under your garage road leads to the certainly do not want those vermin finding their way right inside your home!

While you are at The Home Depot, you may want to check out the garage door insulation sweeps, and some mouse traps.....just a thought!

Good luck with securing up your home,    Maureen

Posted 2016-12-29T13:15:47+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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