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Patching 8' Drywall hole

I have about an 8" circle in my ceiling from an old light fixture.  What is the best way to patch this.  I see the mesh patches only go up to 4".


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Posted 2010-11-23T00:17:13+0000  by _CA_ _CA_
I repair holes in drywall with 1x2 or 1x3 1st open hole to a square 8"x8" 2nd cut (2) 10" long 1x2 or 1x3 3rd attach the two 10" board by attaching on backside of wall sharing half of board exposed on top and do the same on bottom using 1 1/4 course drywall screws. 4 cut a 8"x8" piece of drywall and use drywall screws to attachpatch to wall. 5 once screwed on and secure you will need to push into edges of patch joint compoundand apply drywall tape (SOAK TAPE IN WATER PRIOR TO APPLYING) Remember easy to put on compound harder to remove. Better to put on in steps than all at once.. ^ use 6 inch tape knife and remove excess compound, and let dry befor applying next coat.
Posted 2010-11-23T05:31:46+0000  by scann2

Hi CA, scann2 is right on the money with his post, using some scrap wood as a backer and a bit of fresh drywall you can have a lasting repair that will be good as new!


We have a visual guide here:


I hope this helps you with your repair!



Posted 2010-11-23T22:09:03+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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