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Patching siding

I have a hole in the siding of my house. It is the composite fiber board siding. Is it possible to patch that? or will I have to replace the whole piece? Do they make a compound like drywall compound that will withstand the outside elements?


Thank you in advance for your time!

Mother of two destructive teen boys!lol

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Posted 2012-11-27T16:34:06+0000  by Motherof2teens Motherof2teens

Hello Motherof2teens!


You may choose to either patch or replace that siding.


If you choose patch, you'll want to use either Elmer's Wood Filler, Plastic Wood, or Zinsser Ready Patch.

Elmer's Wood Filler.jpg Plastic Wood.jpg Zinsser Ready Patch.jpg


All three are exterior, sandable, and paintable.


Elmer's is water-based and can be both primed and painted with water-based products.


Plastic Wood and Zinsser Ready Patch are both solvent-based and will require an oil-based primer before painting.


NOTE: When patching, be certain to remove any rotting material until the edge is fresh wood (siding). If backing does not exist behind siding, slide a thin piece of sheet metal behind the repair area as backing for your filler. Use galvanized siding nails to permanently attach the sheet metal and then apply your patch flush to the surface of the siding. Allow to dry and sand with 150-grit sandpaper before priming and painting.


FINALLY: Siding is installed in sections and it is often just as easy to pry free one section, cut a replacement piece, nail the replacement into place, and paint. If your whole is larger than your fist or in multiple locations on the same piece of siding, you may consider this option. Be certain to use a sample of your existing siding to match the replacement siding to your original.

Posted 2012-11-27T18:20:15+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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