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Patina look to metal fence

How can I get the Patina look to the metal fence

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Posted 2013-05-25T15:37:56+0000  by dhsmhie dhsmhie

What do you mean by "patina" and what kind of metal.


Most common metal fences (like chain link) are galvanized for rust prevention.  The "patina" you see is just rust.  It's not a desirable property.


I suppose you could faux paint it somehow but that's above my skill and knowledge level.

Best Answer

Posted 2013-05-25T15:42:46+0000  by Adam444
Hello dhsmhie!

Patina is different, depending upon the metal.

Copper, for example, is commonly a pale turquoise color patina.

You could create a patina by misting thin coats of copper sulfate (used to pressure treat wood) and allowing each layer to dry.

After five of six coats have dried, you should begin to see the residue as a chalky, pale blue patina.

Or, you might be able to use paint and faux glaze to do the same.

However, most faux glaze is not suitable for exterior projects.

One other approach might be to apply a thin coat of oil-based paint and spray very fine mists of copper sulfate into the angles and edges of the fence.

As with all creative processes, you should try these techniques before moving to the complete project.
Posted 2014-07-01T23:02:51+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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