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I want to build a patio in my back yard 12ft by 25ft using pavers what base material should I use?

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Posted 2013-05-13T17:24:33+0000  by tpbeach95 tpbeach95

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The underlying soil and the weight that the patio will be expected to support will affect the need for paver base. Paver base contains aggregate, or medium sized stones in the mix to add weight supporting integrity. This base requires a thicker layer to support more weight and to remain smooth on the surface.


Leveling sand does just as the name implies. Sand’s fine texture will level the smallest imperfections and should be less than 2 inches thick to reduce settling. When the base needs to be thicker than 2 inches, begin with Paver Base, then dress the top with the sand.


If your soil is sandy, use a thick layer of the paver base to compensate for it. I installed my pavers on clay soil, here in Georgia, so I used a 1 to 2 inch layer of leveling sand right on top of the clay.


The bags of sand and paver base are ½ cubic foot coverage, so your 300 sq. ft. area will require 50 bags of either product for each inch of thickness required. A 2” thick base will require 100 bags of product.


Additional sand will be needed to top dress the pavers after they are installed. Top dressing is done by sweeping sand over the top of the patio with a broom to fill the joints between the pavers.


Good luck with your paver project. Keep us posted with your progress.




Posted 2013-05-14T15:52:42+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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