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Patio bench wood slat replacement

Does anyone know how to replace the wooden slats in a patio/garden bench? Or better yet whether or not you can buy aslat replacement kit? Thanks 

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Posted 2012-12-15T09:28:19+0000  by KimDB KimDB

Hey KimDB.


This is Greengiant and I have worked at The Home Depot for 16 years. I have not carried these slats in the store, nor have I seen them on We do however carry 1x4 Red Oak boards, sold by the foot. These boards are durable and appearance grade hardwood, designed for furniture such as yours. Bring in one of your good slats and let my associates get you the ideal thing for this project. They will even be happy to cut them to the right length for you. 


You should probably replace all the slats so they will match. Hit me back here and let me know how things go.

Posted 2012-12-16T20:28:27+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

I will definately try that. Thanks for your help! I'll let you know how it goes.

Posted 2012-12-17T01:07:47+0000  by KimDB
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