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What can I put on my patio door track to make the door slide easier?


Thank you,

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Posted 2013-07-26T21:46:05+0000  by kaykayw kaykayw

One thing that worked for me was to take a bar of bath soap and rub it on the tracks. Not real hard, just put a light coat on the track. If you put a little too much on, it wipes off real easy. Extra bonus, insects don't like to walk over the tracks after application.

Posted 2013-07-26T22:06:47+0000  by eubie12

Hi kaykayw,


You did not mention how old the door is. Often the cause of stiff or difficult to operate sliding patio doors, are worn out door rollers.


These rollers or on the bottom of the door and ride on the track. If the rollers are worn the door will drag on the track making it difficult to open and close.


To replace the rollers, have a helper assist you in removing the door from the opening by lifting it up the door and swinging it in toward the room until the top clears the upper track, then set the door on its side and inspect the rollers.


If they are warn remove them and take them to your local Home Depot, the hardware associates will assist you in selecting the correct replacement rollers.


Once the new rollers are in place, reinstall the door. It should glide nicely for many years to come.



Posted 2013-07-29T21:57:21+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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