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Patio flushed to house siding



I live in Georgia, my contractor is currently working on my patio construction and is about 70% complete. The patio floor is covered with a concrete pad (newly poured), which is attached to the house structure. The problem is the concrete was poured directly flushed to the vinyl siding of my house structure. The joint was not flashed nor added any kind barrier between the house and patio. The bottom of the last siding is actually flushed to the concrete pad inline with the house foundation. The patio roof is 20ftx15ft and concrete floor is 26ftx22ft, so width wise concrete touching the house has 6ft of overhang not covered under any roof.

I stumbled upon articles (too late) that this is a big NO and read all kinds of horror stories about water damage resulting in mold formation/termite/ants infestation etc.. in the long run. I understand the permanent fix is to tear off the concrete floor but it is not feasible for me at this time. What is my next best solution at this stage? Please advise. Posting few pictures to understand the situation better.


I really appreciate if anyone could give me solution for my potential problem. Thank you!


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Posted 2020-07-27T23:22:00+0000  by ShreyHD777 ShreyHD777
Hi ShreyHD777,

I would talk to your local building department as to the local regulations regarding you job. Every city has it's own requirements and local conditions dictate how the job is performed.

Posted 2020-07-30T19:49:05+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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